Baby’s First Tooth Party

I was invited to tag along with a friend to a baby’s first tooth party. It’s an interesting concept, because we don’t have these in the states. When a baby here gets his or her first tooth, there is a party and all close friends and relatives are invited to come over. There is even a special type of food you eat specifically at these parties. There were lots of normal snacking foods, but the special food in particular was rice based and had nuts, beans, and raisins on top. I didn’t really care for it that much, but luckily I know I won’t have to eat it that much since I don’t know a ton of babies about to get their first teeth. It is expected for everyone to bring a gift or money to the party.

The most interesting part of the party (at least I thought) was when they put the baby on a blanket in the middle of the floor. They then put about 8 items on the blanket with the baby. The 8 items they put on the blanket at this party were scissors (yes…I know…a little dangerous), clothing, a book, medicine, a ruler, a mirror, a comb and a pen. Each of the items symbolizes what she will become if she goes for this item first on the blanket. The scissors symbolize a surgeon, the clothing means she will always be fashionable, the book means she will be smart, the medicine means she will become a pharmacist, the ruler means she will become a mathematician, the mirror means she will become vain, the comb means she will have good hair and the pen means she will be a good writer (hopefully good enough to write books). The baby is then sat down and allowed to choose whichever item she wants. It’s more of a “game” than an actual belief that this will predict the child’s future. You’ll have to take a look at the pictures below to see which item the baby chose at the party I went to. Enjoy!

The food table for the party. It was all traditional food and was really good! The special "first tooth party food" is on the left side in the bowls.

Which of the 8 items will she choose???

She chose the mirror! Let's hope she's not too vain ;)

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